I am a full time woodworker and teacher living in Herefordshire. Originally from Surrey, I have been working with wood for over 10 years. It has taken many years of practice to master the skills required to be one of the few pole lathe bowl turners that produce high quality items in the country. Having discovered the world of green woodworking, I immersed myself in the possibilities that these traditional techniques can offer. Using axes, knives and a foot powered lathe, I create items that have their own unique, warm character.

I have worked with and learned from some of the renowned masters of woodworking in the world. On my journey I have lived in Mike Abbotts chair making workshop, apprenticed with Barn The Spoon at a spoon carving shop in London and learned to make my own tools from Robin Wood in a workshop on the Pennine Way. 

I strive to make usable and beautiful woodenware, taking inspiration from historical work and also contemporary design. I feel that working with hand tools is an important aspect to the design process, making me work in more efficient ways.

By physically handling the work piece, I find that I am constantly feeling for pleasing ergonomics and tactile surfaces. The tool marks become almost like the fingerprint of the maker, where every clean cut is an example of the years of practice. The subtle facets of a high qualiy wooden bowl can become like a familiar friend at meal times. Using wooden bowls and spoons for your food is a marvellous way to eat. There is something special about feeling the subtle facets of a wooden spoon in your hand and eating your food from a warm, charming wooden bowl.